Solo Siento

by Arkadi Zaides and Shira Miasnik
‘This disturbed fog of shadows, raging within, how can I dissolve it?’ (Raymond Queneau)

freeze or frantic,
both dilute the feel of craze.
childish and authority,
are mixing up,
resulting in shadows of the self
chopping inside,
conversing with external pain, primal, patterned.
aspiring for escape, for relief, for flow
the struggle visualizes itself as the vacant self,
a collage of shadows animated,
where the inner meets the real.

Credits for the spage perfromance (2005)
choreography and dance: Arkadi Zaides
video: Shira Miasnik
music: Adam Scheflan, Leni Ben Basat
costume: Baladi Company
duration: 15 min

Credits for the Video Dance version (2007)
video artist: Shira Miasnik 
choreography and dance: Arkadi Zaides
music: Adam Scheflan, Leni Ben Basat
sound mastering: Ronen Rot 
duration: 5 min 

Solo Siento Trailer

From the press

“Solo Siento” is filled up with strange lyricism (...) the logic of not depending on technique can be realized only when the dancer can let his body talk as zaides does. Takao Norikoshi, Dance Magazine, Tokyo >>

A film projector bright light casts part of zaides’s figure with color and shapes, while they appear, burst or just glimpse out of the total darkness.
Zaides’s frantic body language creates a fascinating duet between his body parts and his own black giant shadow which appears on a white curtain behind. Zvi Goren, Habama >>

The piece Solo Siento lasts only 15 minutes, after which you want to jump on the stage and embrace Zaides, for daring to expose himself and his fears in such a direct and real way. We are willing to find the honesty and the directness of zaides expression in every dance piece. Avital Lavi, Timeout Tel Aviv >>

Solo Siento was created for the 2005 Curtain Up festival with the support of the Rabinovitch Foundation.

Solo Siento Video Dance racieved  the first prize in the 2007 Vdance Festival– The International Video Dance Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel nad was mentioned by the jury at the T-Junction International Videodance Biennale, Nürnberg, Germany