Solo Colores

by Arkadi Zaides and Itay Weiser

Isabel Cruellas creates delicate and fragile sculptures of plants, made from metal, whose creation involves an particularly laborious process. Isabel's sculptures carry within them a testimony to the transformation of matter by the artist: the physically demanding process of working with a hard metal resulting in an outcome which is surprising in its soft and delicate qualities. Iris Erez is an experienced dancer and choreographer, with a unique artistic path which is characterized by an exploration of emotional inner worlds, brought forth into physical expression.

Solo Colores came into being out of a desire to create a dialogue between the two female artists, as well as creating a platform for different disciplines to converge. The piece is an exploration into the process of creation: the inner strength and emotional resources an artist needs to gather in order to create their art, the intense and demanding process which takes place prior to a piece's completion, as well as about an artist's need to publicly show their work to an audience.
The performance takes place in a white, colorless space, seemingly lifeless. among the metal plant sculptures, lies a human figure trying to relive past experiences, as if seeking to expose her inner world and confess.

choreography & direction: Arkadi Zaides
dramaturgy: Itay Weiser
set: Isabel Cruellas
performer & associate artistic creation: Iris Erez
music: Karni Postel, Prince
costume: Sarah Braun
production: Anat Cederbaum
duration: approximately 40 min.


Solo Colores Trailer


From the press
'The eyes of audience were glued to the dancer’s powerful presence throughout the piece. there is almost no sound. We sense a rich variety of colors created in monochrome ink like a drawing in india ink. There is a sense of japanese zen (wabi-sabi)’ Takao Norikoshi, DDD Magazine >>

'Solo Colores is an intimate and virtuosic work, which reveals both the potential within the body and the many possibilities to sculpt it.'  Ma’ayan Bonnie, Time-Out Tel Aviv >>

'The visually stunning end result is a meeting not only of art forms but of artists and spectators. Both the delicately curved lines of cruellas's hard metal sculpture and the sinuous movement of erez's long, lean frame are on display for the audience, which surrounds the performance space.' Deborah Friedes, Jerusalem Post >>

The creation of the piece was possible due the support of the Israel Minisrty of Culture and Sport - Dance Department, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Spanish Embassy in Tel Aviv, Instituto Servantes Tel Aviv and the Lottery Foundation
Special thanks to Tamar Dresdner.

Solo Colores has been awarded with the prestigious Kurt Jooss Prize 2010. The Kurt Jooss Prize was established in 2001 on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Kurt Jooss, the creator of the anti-war dance drama, 'The Green Table', co-founder of the Folkwang Academy and founder of the Folkwang Dance Studio. The prize is given internationally every three years and awarded by the Anna Markard and Hermann Markard Foundation amsterdam together with the city of Essen in Germany.