"Quiet" arose from a real sense of emergency; in light of the growing violence and mistrust between communities in Israel, constantly subjected to states of shock which never allow the space needed for reflection, and thus never allow for change. In such an environment it felt acute to create a platform which allows for an open and honest communication; a place where it is safe to let one's demons out and set them free; where the irrationality of response is examined and emotions are bravely explored; where a broad perspective is sought and where trust is continuously built.

Jewish and Arab, actors and dancers, the creative process was nourished and inspired by all these differences between the participant’s social realities and artistic backgrounds. The four characters in the piece reveal a landscape which contains aggression, compassion, confusion and yearning. in the midst of this intensity, lies a constant search for a place which is able to contain all conflicted layers - a place which is quiet.

choreography and direction: Arkadi Zaides
artistic collaborator: Joanna Lesnierowska
cast: Muhammed Mugrabi, Rabie Khoury/Yuval Goldstein, Ofir Yudilevitch, Arkadi Zaides
music: Tom Tlalim
additional tracks by: Ziv Jacob, Domenico Ferrari, Ran Slavin
set: Klone
lighting: Firas Roby
costumes: Salim Schada
production: Hila Kaplan
co-produced by: Arts Station Foundation, Poznan, Poland

Quiet Trailer 

From the press

The work and courage these four men have put into this is amazing and makes me think, wouldn't it be great if this could happen on a larger scale, and really bring people who are culturally and politically set against each other to some kind of understanding? Wendy Perron, Dance Magazine, New York, us >>

zaides creates a picture of great compassion that is almost always hidden from sight when violence and torture capture the frontline. (...) “quiet” of arkadi zaides is a whipping, beating and offensive work of art, bleeding itself and seeking to remind us that there is also something else other than the routine of fun. Zvi Goren, Habama, Israel >> 

The local dance industry barely engages in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the little that does, touches only its margins. “Quiet”, a dance initiated by Arkadi Zaides, finally brings about a significant and kicking saying about living in constant tension. Meirav Yudilevitch, Ynet, Israel >>

"Quiet" is an experimental and ambitious piece digging into the realm of "politics", harnessing a unique form of body language, without using any traditional dance language. (...) It is striking how political the dance can be without any text and at the same time being free from any propaganda. (...) This piece, however, created following long hours of discussions and rehearsals, is stunning beyond the Israeli-Palestinian issues. Tatsuro Iishi, Dance Magazine, Tokyo, Japan >>

The contact between the men is intense at times, tender at others, about to erupt into violence at other moments. their movement often takes place at the edge of touch, the space between them replete with emotional tension as if what must be said is almost too much to bear. Ayelet Dekel, Midnight East, Israel >>


Quiet International Touring:

  • Potsdamer Tanztage, Fabrik Potsdam, Germany, May 2010
  • Suwnicowa Hall, Club Zak, Gdansk, Poland, June 2010
  • Impart Art Center, Wroclaw, Poland, June 2010
  • Malta Festival, Stary Browar Nowy Taniec, Poznan, Poland, June 2010
  • Rossobastardo Live Fringe Festival, Spoleto, Italy, July 2010
  • Festival Tanztendenzen, Greifswald, Germany, October 2010
  • Espace Culturel Francois Mitterrand, Canteleu, France, November 2010
  • Mont-Saint-Aignan, Maison De L'université, Rouen, France, November 2012
  • Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens, Greece, November 2010
  • Duncan Center, Prague, The Czech Republic, April 2011
  • Contemporary Israeli Dance Week NY, LaMaMa, NYC, USA, June 2011
  • Dancing On The Edge Fest., Vancouver, Canada, July 2011
  • Mes De Danza, Seville, Spain, November 2011
  • Bad Bilbao, Bilbao, Spain, November 2011
  • DOTE, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 2011
  • DOTE.Theater Kikker, Utrecht, The Netherlands, December 2011
  • DOTE, Grand Theater, Groningen, The Netherlands, December 2011
  • DOTE, Korzo Theater, Den Haag, The Netherlands, December 2011
  • DOTE, Stadsschouwburg Rotterdam, The Netherlands, December 2011
  • Fest. Internacional de Teatro Santiago a Mil, Santiago, Chile, January 2012
  • Zürich moves!, Tanzhaus-Zurich, Switzerland, March 2012
  • FIT, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, June 2012
  • DanceBox, Kobe, Japan, September 2012
  • Aoyama Round Theater, Tokyo, Japan, October 2012
  • M-A-I, Montreal Arts Interculturels, Montreal, Canada, October 2012
  • Theatre natioanl De Chaillot, Paris, France, October 2012


The creation of the piece was possible due to the support of: the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport - Dance Department, Teva - Pharmaceutical Industriesthe Israel Lottery Foundation, the abinovitch foundation, Rabeah Morkus Studio for Dance and Movementthe Polish Institute - Tel Aviv.