Meeting Brian Wash

Meeting Brian Wash explores the theme of forced physical-social-emotional systems, and their effects on inner worlds and relationships between humans.
The focus is on individual characters, and their coping mechanisms with systems of control and techniques of “Brainwash”.
What happens when social, political and cultural issues directly touch our bodies and fragile structures? How do we respond to them?
How do we survive and what choices do we make within these systems?
Meeting Brian Wash asks meaningful questions about how we are both subjected to these systems, and how we subject ourselves to them, subjugating ourselves to ill-intentions.

choreography and direction: Arkadi Zaides
associate artistic creation and lighting: Itay Weiser
cast: Sascha Engel, Shani Granot, Amit Hadari, Danny Neyman, Sharon Zuckerman, Doron Tavori
music: collage
music editing: Arkadi Zaides
costumes: Eran Shani
production: Anat Cederbaum

Meeting Brian Wash Trailer


the work was co-produced by hazira theater in jerusalem, supported by the israeli ministry of education culture and sport - theater department, teva pharmaceutical industries, the lottery foundation and the rabinovitch foundation.