Walking into a condensed space, filled with different forces. Looking at the differences between the masculine and feminine energies. Wondering how it is possible to build a new garden of eden. Going back to a familiar biblical story in order to recompose innocence.

Daat is a collaboration between Arkadi Zaides and a number of Japanese artists from different art forms. a ‘Creative Lab’ lasting five weeks, which took place in the Steep Slope Studio in Yokohama, Japan. Working on the theme ‘Garden of Eden’, the collaborators were exploring the relevance of a biblical story in our routine modern lives.

host: Sleep Slope Studio, Yokohama, Japan
choreography: Arkadi Zaides
dancers and creators: Mari Fukutome, Teita Iwabuchi, Arkadi Zaides
dramaturg: Genshi Ishibashi
visuals: Tomohiko Okabe, Keisuke Fukushima
music: Kohske Kawase
lighting: Takayuki Tomiyama
stage manager: Katsuhiro Ohira
production manager: Yusuke Satomi
duration: 45 min.
special thanks to: Chiaki Soma and Steep Slope Studio Staff

Daat Trailer


From the press
''Arkadi, as a young talented artist, comprehended perfectly the various elements such as visual art of landscape of Yokohama city and music. He succeeded to create the beautiful space like a myth through the repetition of contact and conflict with dancers." Takao Norikoshi, DDD Magazine >>