Adamdam is inspired by the story of the “Golem”, a myth from the Jewish mystical tradition, about a servant created from clay.
The term “Golem” is used in the bible in reference to an embryonic substance, a form not yet shaped.
In present times, the term “Golem” refers to a brainless entity serving man, under controlled conditions, but hostile to him in others.
The tale points towards deep moral questions about human creation, and about the place of men within divine creation. Is man interfering with what is godly? Is man meddling with higher forces, which he is not meant to touch? Or, is he a co-creator, a partner in creation? Where does the balance lie in “man versus god”?
Adamdam is about the creation and destruction of forms and emotional worlds. The work expresses a personal view on the dilemmas of modernity and advancement, as well as a desire to go backwards, to the simplicity and humility of old.

choreography: Arkadi Zaides
co-creator: Sharon Zuckerman
performed by: Sharon Zuckerman/Bosmat Nossan & Arkadi Zaides
singer: Riff Cohen
music: collage
music editing: Arkadi Zaides
lighting: Itay Weiser
costumes: Baladi Company
duration: 50 min.


Adamdam Trailer


From the press
An interesting and original choreographic research, in which Zaides morphs and reshapes the body, organizing a new beyond-human organism, experimenting different points of view, by decomposing and recomposing the body over and over. Elena De Pascale, B-Motion blog >>

Even if you are familiar with dance and pantomime, Arkadi Zaides's style and technique, as are shown in 'Adamdam', will be a revelation to you. He isn't copying anyone, and is not afraid to shock us by revealing his childlike world, and the calm findings of his experiments.
Inna Sheihtovitch, Novosti Nedely >>

3rd prize at the No-Ballet international choreography competition, Ludwigshafen, Germany 2008

The work was created for the 2006 Curtain Up festival, co produced by Operaestate Festival Veneto (italy) and with the support of the Rabinovitch Foundation.