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Sound Bodies - A three-day event curated by Zaides as Part Of Curtain Up Festival and Creator-Curator initiative

Curtain Up festival introduces a new initiation - a Research Lab allowing artists to experiment and explore as a frame of method. Arkadi Zaides has been chosen as the first artist to conduct the lab. Zaides chose to focus on local sonic phenomena that occur in social and political spheres. Together with his peers, Zadies wishes to examine sound phenomena through a choreographic frame, especially interested in the performative gestures they generate. The lab will result in a three-day event and will include series of lectures and perfromances by local and international artists.
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Workshop with Arkadi Zaides 

The workshop is intended for performers and artists who are interested in the ways an idea, a thought or a concept can be realized into a performative action. The group will formulate a fitting practise to each of the participant’s ideas. In the last years Zaides is engaged with the local social-political situation in Israel. Through his own body of work, Zaides will broaden the discussion and will strengthen the political implications embedded in any artistic gesture.

Candidates are welcome to send C.V, links to previous works and a brief project statement to: kelimgraphy@gmail.com
25-29 November 2014, 9:30-17:00 @ Kelim, Bat Yam, Isreal