Upcoming Shows and Events

  • 14 October - 15 January (2017) | Capture Practice | Uncertains States | Akademie der Kunste | Berlin | Germany
  • 27 October - 5  November | Residency - New Production Tanzquartier Wien | Vienna | Austria 
  • 3 November | Work in Progress Presentation - New ProductionTanzquartier Wien | Vienna | Austria
  • 5-7 November | Capture PracticeTimisoara Performing Arts Festival | Mansarda Facultăţii de Arte | Timisoara | Romania
  • 16-27 November | Capture Practice | Temps d’Images | Praça do Príncipe Real | Lisbon | Portugal 
  • 17 November - 3 December | Residency - New Production |  NEXT Festival | BUDA | Kortrijk | Belgium
  • 3 December | Work in Progress Presentation - New Production NEXT Festival | BUDA | Kortrijk | Belgium



Capture Practice in Berlin

We are excited to announce Zaides' participation in 'Uncertain States - Artistic Strategies in States of Emergency', a new group show opening October 14th at Akademie der Künste, Berlin. The exhibition juxtaposes objects and documents from the Academy’s archives with contemporary works that address situations of crisis and flight, instability, violence and loss, among them Zaides' installation 'Capture Practice' and works by Francis Alÿs, Ayşe Erkmen, Mona Hatoum, Sigalit Landau, and William Forsythe

New Work by Arkadi Zaides

In his new work Arkadi Zaides and a team of collaborators explores the relation between movement and border, focusing primarily on the Schengen area. The growing number of migrants and asylum seekers arriving daily to its outer borders has led the EU to change its approach, causing a rapid shift in reality throughout the area. The work observes borders not simply as barriers that prevent movement, but as spaces that generate motion and provoke ethics. Choreography is used as practical and conceptual tool in order to investigate new relations between these spaces and physical bodies.