Upcoming Shows and Events

  • 15-18 June - Residency - New Production -  Tanzhaus Zürich, Switzerland




Residency in Tanzhaus Zürich | Switzerland | 15-28 June 

The Tanzhaus Zürich is one of the most important centers for contemporary dance practice in Switzerland, a place for artistic production and research. The institution’s acclaimed residency program provides dancers and choreographers with the time and space to create a challenging discourse and professional network. Zaides will spend his time developing the theoretical thesis for his new work, examining notions of Hospitality in their European context and universal one. The residency will conclude in a public presentation that will take place on May 26th at 18:00, allowing local colleagues an insight into Zaides’ creative process.

December 2014 - Critic's Circle nominates Zaides as the break-through independent choreographer

Critic's Circle is an Israeli platform aiming to position local dance scene by expending its critical discourse. The Circle holds some of Israeli influential dance critics such as Zvi Goren, Anat Zeharia and more. Most recently, as part of International Exposure Festival's events, the Circle chose Zaides as the break-through independent choreographer for 2014 and highlighted 'Archive' and 'Capture Practice' as prominent political works.