Upcoming Shows and Events

  • 29 April-1 May - What’s Art Got to Do with It - Conference, De Balie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 9 May - The Difference Between Spectator and Witness - Conference, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels, Belgium



Critic's Circle nominates Zaides as the break-through independent choreographer
Critic's Circle is an Israeli platform aiming to position local dance scene by expending its critical discourse. The Circle holds some of Israeli influential dance critics such as Zvi Goren, Anat Zeharia and more. Most recently, as part of International Exposure Festival's events, the Circle chose Zaides as the break-through independent choreographer for 2014 and highlighted 'Archive' and 'Capture Practice' as prominent political works. 

Workshop in Rotterdam
April 6-10 | Rotterdam Centrum voor Theater Workshop (rcth) | Rotterdam
Open presentation will take place at the theater April 10 at 19:00

Based on Paul Röttger’s practice, specifically his recent endeavors in stage productions with people who suffer from mental illnesses, Zaides will conduct a five day workshop with participants of all mental spectrum. The workshop is part of a unique institution training artists, actors and students to share their artistic approach and incorporate the other in their practice.  In Röttger’s own words: “By giving a different insight into the other, we are working towards a world where we understand each other better. A world in which art and healthcare are mutually reinforcing.”

The workshop is part of Zaides ongoing exploration and preparation for a new work addressing the notion of welcomeness towards the other.

Durcheinander by deufert&plischke
April 15-20 | Berlin 

In March 2014, as part of his Moves Without Borders project (Tel Aviv), Zaides hosted Berlin based artistwin deufert&plischke for a three-day event. Following this encounter Zaides was invited to take part in Durcheinander, the dou’s upcoming project. Durcheinander is a 24 hour event which will premiere in Tanz im August Festival this coming August (Berlin). The work is a multi-participant even which features: deufert&plischke, Alain Franco, Yair Vardi, Roni Katz, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt, and others.

What’s Art Got to Do with It
April 29-May 1 | Conference | De Balie Cultural Center | Amsterdam

How do diverse artists - writers, choreographers, theatre directors and visual artists - from different backgrounds think about the political power of art and about their own position as (engaged or critical) artist? De Balie center for theatre and politics, culture and media together with Dancing On The Edge, and Another Jewish Voice bring together 30 artists from Israel, Palestine, the Netherland and Flanders to start a debate on the ambiguous relation between individual artists, the art scene, politics, and the public. Among the participants: Ronit Matalon, Kristien Hemmerechts, Udi Aloni, Scandar Copti, Yaron Shani, Nir de Volff, Taher Najib, Arkadi Zaides, Nadia Arouri, Firas Roby, Annelys DeVet, Jonas Staal, Raphael Rodan, and many more.