Land-Research collaborators

Raida Adon - performer

An internationally acclaimed Palestinian artist and actress, born in Acre in 1972, lives and works in Tel Aviv. Raida is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, the majority of her work is video art focusing on the situation of Palestinian people. Raida's work has been displayed in many museums and galleries across Israel, Palestine, Germany and the United States.
Raida is a film, television, and stage actress. Her body of work includes: Trumpet in the Wadi, The Three Lost Diamonds, and Yellow Asphalt  of the film genre; Zinzana,  Boot Camp and Plumes of Smoke, of the television genre; and Fasatin, which won her accolades as a creator and actress at the Acco Festival.
Raida currently acts at the Cameri Theater. Her performances include Plonter, Hebron, Sorcery, and Return to Haifa. She has been awarded grants by the America-Israel Fund and the Minister's Prize for Palestinian Art.

Asaf Aharonson - performer

Born in 1987 in Haifa, Israel. Graduated the theater department in the Ironi Alef High School in Tel Aviv. Danced with the young Vertigo company and with the choreographer Iris Erez.  Asaf is an  acrobatics practitioner and instructor.

Anat Rachel Cederbaum – research, text finding and dramaturgy

Born 1981, lives and works in Tel Aviv. Graduated the Cultural Studies and Communications program in Goldsmiths College, London, 2003. Since then has been continuously studying one subject or another, to satisfy a constant curiosity – languages, culture, meditation, different forms of alternative therapy and knowledge of the self.
Personal and inner worlds of experience and expression, and a broader cultural and collective understanding are for her two ends of the same axis. She views her work as researching, connecting and communicating between these two ends, in a search for meaningful artistic expression, and a more holistic understanding of cultural and social processes. Currently works as a contents developer, researcher, creative consultant and entrepreneur for arts and culture projects. Past and recent projects, in both arts production and management, and creative roles include: BunrtProgress music production company (London and Tel Aviv); Choreographers Arkadi Zaides, Orly Portal and Irad Mazliah; Moby – Museums of Bat Yam; visual artist Anisa Ashkar.


Yuval Goldstein - performer

Yuval is an improvisation artist. He studied acting in “Seminar Ha-Kibutzim” university. Was a member of “Clipa” physical theatre in the years 2001-2003. Danced for “Sisyphe Heureux” dance company in the years 2003-2005. A member and one of the founders of the “Oktet” improvisation collective based in israel.Yuval creates his own work since 2006. Performed on many stages around the world with different projects and with collaboration with many artists. Yuval is an improvisation teacher a 'Feldenkrize' teacher and 'Ilan Lev Method' trained therapist. Currently lives in Jaffa israel.

Yuli Kovbasnyan - performer

Born in Russia in 1986. Immigrated to Israel in 2001 threw NAALE program started by the Israeli Government, acting through the Education and Culture Ministry and was in response to demands by many families in the former Soviet Union, who wished to send their children to high school in Israel. A graduate of Mevoot Iron School of Art in dance.  B.ed in dance at Seminar Hakibutzim College.  A graduate of intensive workshop of technique and repertoire of Yasmeen Godder.
Perfomer  and part of creation of Dana Yahlomi and Omer Kriger work "Tekes 2007" on Festival "Intimadance", Tmuna Theatre, Tel- Aviv. During B.ed education performed in choreographies to the best chosen works of Seminar Hakibbutzim College on Suzzane Dallal Dance Center and "Na Lagaat" Theatre stages. Dancer in choreography of  Niv Sheinfeld dance group and  duet in my own choreography  " Water Melon",  performed in celebration 70 of Seminar Hakibutzim College.    

Daniel Landau - video design

Born 1973 in Jerusalem. Film and performance director, Daniel Landau is currently living and working from Tel- Aviv. Landau completed his second degree in music composition and new media at the Royal Conservatory, The Hague [1999]. He lived and worked for more than a decade in The Netherlands where he co-founded the art collective BZAZ-Foundation. In this period he produced several full-length music-theater performances receiving critical acclaim from both public and media. Using diverse media in his film and performance work, Landau explores the convergence of documentary and fiction and their interchangeable qualities.
His recent product reside, is a live-docu performance platform examining the relations between immigrant communities and the societies they immigrate to. The documentary footage is processed into a unique visual platform, consisting of a projection mask and a performer’s body creating a physical-digital entity.

Joanna Lesnierowska - dramaturg

Dramaturge, dance curator, writer and performer; in 2004 Joanna has created first in Poland regular dance space at Stary Browar Art Centre in Poznań where she’s featuring avant-garde international choreographers and intensively supporting development of Polish dance artists. Following her curatorial work in Stary Browar, Joanna serves as an artistic coach within a residency program SOLO PROJECT and as dramaturge, performer and artistic partner co-operates with several Polish and international choreographers (such as: Janusz Orlik/PL, Renata Piotrowska/PL, Arkadi Zaides/IL, Minimetal/CH, Lia Haraki/CY). In 2003-2009 she co-created Gymnastic Society (performance collective and association). In 2011 Joanna debuted as choreographer with “Reconstruction”.

Sva Li Levy - performer

A performer & video art artist (born Tel-Aviv, 1962).
Practicing and teaching experimental methods of mind-body work, for the purpose of self-development and for the stage.Graduated Nissan Nativ Theater Academy, 1988, he participated as an actor in several productions in the The Cameri Theater of Tel-Aviv among other theaters.
Sva was a member in several Dance-Theater groups and continued his artistic researches through varied mediums like: Physical Theater, Yoga, Meditation, Contact Improvisation, and Butoh (taking part in several training workshops with Butoh Masters like: Yoshito Ohno, Ko Murobushi, Yumiko Yoshioka, Akira Kassai, and Katsura Kan.) In the field of visual art his works participated in the group exhibition "Library Thoughts", (Budapest, 2011), in the video-art festival "European Nights" (St Petersburg, 2010), and TED international short film project "Pangea Day"(2008).
His artistic statement says that “his works aim to crack the habit and encourage a chance to dis-cover & de-code the clichés which embed the way we compose a 'perception'. Thus the picture we hold on reality, myself, and the other - could stay open and flexible. The image of 'image' should always be challenged.”


Felix Ritter - dramaturge/coach

Born in 1971 in Göttingen, Germany, Master of applied theatre research, Gießen, Germany.
Felix lives in Amsterdam and works as a dramaturg and coach in different settings. He is a teacher for dramaturgy, an adviser and a staff member at SNDO (School for new dance development) and for the master of choreography at the theatre school in Amsterdam.
As a dramaturg he recently worked with Nicole Beutler “3: The garden” 2011, Sanja Mitrovic “Will you ever be happy again?”(2008), “Short history of crying” (2010) and Aitana Codero “Solo?”(2008), Three ways to master a kiss”(2010) and “Antonia Sextet” (2011) and others.
His research is focussed on the dialog between body and space and he is also interested in the distinction between Ritual and Entertainment. That’s why he also works as a coach for protestant priests in Germany to train them for their performance in the church. He does this amongst others in Predigerseminar Heidelberg and Wittenberg and for the service of the German TV-channel ZDF.


Yuval Tebol - photographer

Yuval Tebol was born in the seacoast town of Jaffa. His long standing interest in photography led him to take four year extended study program in Camera Obscura school of art in Tel Aviv. Since 1998-to date works as a freelance photojournalist covering Israel and The West Bank. His work was published in "Der Bund" Swiss, "Herald Tribune" , "Haaretz Magazine "and many other newspapers. Tebol has also covered stories in Turkey, Italy, Paris, New-York, The Netherlands and more. Since 2008-to date Teacher at Sapir Academic College. Yuval received numerous photography awards and exhibited solo and group exhibitions in galleries around Israel as well as in Canada, USA, Austria and other countries.

Tom Tlalim – musician

Tom Tlalim’s interdisciplinary work includes sound art, performances, installations, text and music. His language modulates between abstract form and concrete content by exploring patterns of spontaneous behavior within rational constraints. His installation Concerning Time We Remain Divided was presented at the 11th Venice Architecture Biennial, and at The Smooth and the Striated (3rd Intl. Deleuze conference Amsterdam). His film essay ‘Walking Through Walls/The New Model City’ was exhibited at the Virtual Museum Zuidas in Amsterdam and published by Onomatopee. His film 'Field Notes From a Mine' was selected for the Tiger award at the Rotterdam Film Festival in 2012, and exhibited as part of the Marrakech Biennial. Selected exhibitions include Stroom Ondertussen in The Hague, Steim and Gaudeamus week in Amsterdam, Transmediale Berlin, Dutch Electronic Arts Festival Rotterdam, and the 90 Years Bauhaus Jubilee in Weimar. Tlalim studied Composition and Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, and is currently developing a practice-based PhD project at Goldsmiths University of London, with the title ‘Resounding Conflicts: sound, territoriality and political conflict'. The project won a four-year grant from the Dutch fund for Visual Art, Design and Architecture.

Chen Wagner - musician

Chen Wagner's music is inspired by psychoanalysis and narrative research. Wagner has written commissioned works for the Israel Contemporary Players (2008), the Spring Competitions, VocalLab Nederland, Trio Cassandra, Trio Palmos, Etty ben Zaken & Anat Pick, Soil ensemble and more. Her music was performed at various venues including the Gaudeamus Music Week, de Balie, Stedelijk Museum, and Suite Muziek festival. She was awarded the Legacy Heritage Fund for her piece Di-Nur (2008), and the Adele and John Gray Endowment Fund for Young Israeli Composers for her piece Broken Column (2009).  Chen Wagner composed original music for film and for theater, including the the documentary feature 'Metamorphosis' (directed by Netalie Brown) which won the Aliza Shagrir prize for best documentary in 2006 and the international media prize of the Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation.
Wagner completed her BA in composition at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. In 2011 She completed a masters degree in psychoanalytic studies at the Anna Freud Centre in London.

Ofir Yudilevitch - performer

Born in Haifa (1983). For more then ten years involved in acrobatics and Capoeira. Since 2007 focused on contemporary dance. Studied for two years in the training workshop for dancers in Haifa. Since has worked with Yossi Berg and Oded Graf, Iris Erez, Dana Rutenberg, Renana Raz, Efrat Rubin and Osi Wald, Moran Zilberberg, Dede Dance Company, Neta Yerushalmi, performing in Israel and abroad. Ofir works with Arkadi Zaides since 2009, he has taken part in the creation of  Zaides’ production ‘Quiet’.