Solo Siento collaborators

Shira Miasnik
  • Shira has co-created Solo Sineto in 2005.
  • In 2007 she created Solo Siento Video Dance, which won the first prize in Vdance - international video dance festival in Tel Aviv.
Shira miasnik works at the nexus of video making and experience design. develops experiences through digital-based performances, artifacts, space and online scenarios, which explore new manners of reactive expression.
Among her works: 'Kolot' video-opera performed in Italy, 'Belleli Trio' a/v concert performed in Israel, 'Solo Siento' dance and video performed worldwide, arrives as a finalist at the Monaco Dance Forum for digital arts and dance, 'Solo Siento Video Dance' won first prize in intr. video dance festival in Tel Aviv and was broadcasted on Spanish TV. Creation of 'Kee' digital instrument, won prizes in Taiwan and The Netherlands.
Her projects were published internationally in magazines: canadian 'Applied Arts', dutch 'Items' russian 'K', Israeli 'Gallery'.

Baladi Company
by Brigitte Cartier
  • Brigitte designed the costumes for 'Solo Siento' in 2005.
  • She designed the costumes for 'Adamdam' in 2006.
Brigitte was born in France, she studied art in Beaux Arts School and cinema in Sorbonne University, workd on documentaries for ARTE TV channel.
Since 1995 lives and creates in Tel Aviv. Founded 'Baladi Company' a green design company - interior design, furniture, lighting and fashion all made from recycled materials.

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