Daat collaborators

Steep Slope Studio - Yokohama, Japan

  • Arkadi has been invited by Steep Slope Studio to lead a five weeks creative labo and master classes with Japanese artists in 2007.

  • Daat was created in Steep Slope Studio in 2007.

Steep Slope Studio is a public cultural institution administrated and managed by a private entity co-established by npo arts network, Japan and NPO st spot Yokohama in collaboration with Yokohama city.
With a view to developing Yokohama as a city of arts where artists can set a clear goal for their creation, Steep Slope Studio supports talented young artists through artists-in-residence program with human, production and financial resources in a long-term perspective. 
Resident artists are given priority for using rehearsal rooms in steep slope studio and are required to foster artists of the next generation and actively communicate with local residents through open rehearsals and workshops and participate in events and projects organized by Steep Slope Studio.

Genshi Ishibashi - dramaturge

He had a role as the event producer and the press in 1991-93 at Yellow. D
uring 1999-2002, he became a secretary of Hiroshi Teshigahara, a film director, as well as the head of the Sougetsu School of the flower arrangement at foundation sougetsukai, and then worked at overseas section. His activities are to various directions, for example, "The possibility of multicultural cohabitation, by creation of intercampus"(2002-2005).

Mari Fukutome - choreographer/dancer

She founded ''Ho Ho-Do'', a dance duo of two girls with the height of 155cm with Mika Arashiki and herself in 2001. She produced a series of works primarily dealing with relationship between two people. She started to work as a solo dancer since 2006, performed in Natsuko Teezuka's project, drama unit ''Atashito'' etc.

Teita Iwabuchi - choreographer/dancer

Teita studied japanese traditional dances and majored in drama at university. He participated in various Japanese dance companies, such as Ape, Nibroll, Kim Itoh+The Glorious Future Company, Yamada, Ko&Edge Company etc. He started his career as a choreographer since 2005. His major works include "Mint" and "Double". The collaborated work with Yuukei Shimizu "Yawn" was performed in 2007. Keikoba (practice-room) cafe's 2nd manager.

Tomohiko Okabe - visual artist

Ahitect/artist. He bases in Kotobuki-Cho, Yokohama-city, and he carries out resuscitate projects for the district with a stance of working from 'Koto (things, matter)' and not from 'Mono (things, object)'. His masterpieces are: "Kotobuki Promotion", the visualized work of the resuscitate projects for Kotobuki-cho, "Populouscape" for Expo Aichi 2005, Ars Electronica, Eizone etc.

Ksuke Fukushima - visual artist

Architect/artist. His visual art works by using architecture as a base range variously, from graphic design to animation production and he also searchesthe way to resuscitate the cities. A lot of his visual art works were exhibited inside and outside of Japan ("Populouscape", "Kotobuki Promotion" etc.). Instructor for Bankart School (2nd semester, 2006).

Kohsuke Kawase – musician

Born in 1970 in Kyoto. Currently lives in Tokyo. He has been involved in music production for commercials, websites and events since the mid-1990s, and embarked on artistic activities from 2002. His works address ''sound and light' and the fusion of music with visual effects, and his stile has garnered attancion for a richness and power that speaks to the inner world of viewers. In 2005 he participated in the aichi world expo as a composer. Created original music for the visual work populouscape. In 2006 presented bearings glocken, a musical instrument that performs automatically using ball bearings at the world premier performance at the wacoal art center/spiral (Tokyo). People of all ages and all nationalities enthusiastically received this instrument.

Takayuki Tomiyama - light

Born in 1985. Studied lighting and contemporary dance at obirin university. Worked as a lighting designer with Japanese theater companies such as Kaki-Kuu-Kyaku, Recet-N and Paradox Constant.

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