Adamdam collaborators

Sharon Zuckerman
- performer

  • Sharon has co created and danced in 'Adamdam' in 2006-7.
  • Sharon took part in the creation and performed in 'Meeting Brian Wash' in 2009.

Sharon was born in Israel in 1977. Graduated Talma Yelin High School. Worked with Vertigo dance company (1995) before moving to Belgium  for a period of 6 years.
From 1996 till 1999 studied in P.A.R.T.S. (performing arts and research training studios) in Brussels.
2000-2003 created ‘Happy Zode’, ‘Fixing Dust’, ‘Pride Crispies’, and participated in works of Robert Wilson, Jan Decorte, Charlotte Vanden Eynde among other choreographers.
Collaborated with the theater director Ulrich Rasche in creating ‘East 47th street, 231’ - a piece inspired by Andy Warhol’s life  for the American season in Berlin (2004).
Since 2004 works and creates in Israel.
A teacher of ‘Release’ technique. Danced with Yasmeen Godder (Sudden Birds), Ronit Ziv (Punch Line), acted in films (‘Melanoma My Love’, ’Sweet Mud’).
Created ‘Solonelly’ – a solo piece for Intimadance Festival in Tmuna theater, ‘Refusall’ for Muza Dance Company, ‘Domestic Animal’ - a full length solo evening in Tmuna theater in Tel Aviv.

Riff Cohen - singer

  • Riff performed in Adamdam with her original written song Roshi Hitpatsel (my head split in two)

Riff Cohen was born in Israel in 1984. She finished her musicology studies at the University of Tel Aviv in 2005. Lives in Tel Aviv, works as a composer, singer, and songwriter.
At the age of six, Riff began her stage arts studies at the art school of Tel Aviv, first acting and later on, pursued music as both a pianist and a singer. Her studies include five years of voice training, one year of classic indian voice and 11 years of classical piano training. Since the age of eight, Riff has been composing and singing her own songs and poems.
Since 2001 Riff collaborated with Asaf Korman, ‘Givol Choir’, created ‘Roshi Hitpatsel’ (my head splits into two); an original song for the film "Universes" by Joseph Dadoune, was filmed singing in the film ‘Alef’ by Iranian director Barbad Golshiri, collaborated with the Israeli bands 'Bum Pam' and ‘Balkan Beat Box’, took part in an artistic project by Naama Tzabar performed in the Hertzelia Museum and established a duo with the guitarist Uri Kinrot.
Since 2006, Riff is involved in several productions at the ‘Tmuna theater’ in tel aviv. She acted and wrote both vocals and instrumentals for the production "Fedora's In Love", by Kain Sera and performed in the multi-genres events in the theater.
In 2007 she wrote soundtrack for the second film by Joseph Dadoune ‘Zion’ featuring the actress Ronit Elqabetz, which was screened at the ‘Louvre Museum’ in Paris. Collaborated with Daniel Landou, performed in the show ‘Desert Blues’ with Ravid Kahalani songs from Morocco, Mauritania, Africa and played in the group of Ariel Efraim Ashbel live improvisation shows.

Itay Weiser - lighting
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